So, you want to start a website. Once you have determined the purpose of your future site, you have to decide on which type of website is the best to suit your purpose. There are different website types built for many purposes and uses. Let’s see basic websites for you to get general understanding of which type is right for you.

Static and dynamic websites

According to the technology used to build a website, there are two basic kinds of websites: static websites and dynamic websites.

Static websites have web pages stored on the server in the format that is sent to a client web browser. It is primarily coded in HTML, and you can update each web page independently in an HTML editor program. Static websites display fixed static content and information to the user. For example, small one-page or five-page websites or brochure websites are often static. Those types of websites may include information about a company and services. They usually contain texts, images, audio/video, simple navigation menus. Static websites are very easy to create, maintain and update. Static sites do not require any web design and web programming skills.

Dynamic websites are typically larger database-driven websites that often contain hundreds or thousands of pages. Dynamic sites are connected to a database where the website content can be stored in an organized structured way. Dynamic websites can be changed and customized frequently and automatically based on your requirements. WordPress and Joomla are the example of dynamic websites. Dynamic websites include scripting code, such as PHP. Static pages must be manually edited and published, while dynamic pages get information from a database. You can manage website information according to your specific needs.


Website Types Based On Content and Use

The difference of website types can also be based on the content and use of the website. Basically, websites fall into several types: • Blogs, personal sites, online diaries • Business and e-commerce sites • Informational/educational websites • Social networking and communication sites • Search websites and directories

Personal websites

Personal websites deliver information about an individual or group interests, hobbies, and whatever the website owner (-s) what to share or write about. The purpose of personal websites is not commercial. These can be in the form of online diaries and blogs. Writing and sharing personal things and image content is the primary idea behind this type of websites.



Blogs are very popular websites on the modern Web. Blogs provide dated text entries on different topics displayed in chronological way. A blog is usually run by a person or a group of people who submit regular entries and random personal thoughts on different subjects, events, etc. The blog website may include chat rooms and discussion forums. Most popular free blog services are WordPress.com, Blogger.com.

E-commerce websites, online stores

One of the most popular types of websites is an e-commerce website. These are online shopping websites and business sites where you can buy goods or services, as well as find full information about a business or company. Business and e-commerce websites are built specifically to sell products or services. They are always dynamic and include huge amount of information as well as many menus, online tools payment system, shopping basket, etc.


Educational and informational sites

The purpose of those websites is providing information in an educational manner and teaching users various subjects and how-to-do’s. Educational and informational sites are often online encyclopedias, science websites, online guides, etc. Wikipedia.com, About.com or WikiWebPedia.com are examples of educational and informational websites.

Political websites, news websites

Political sites provide political info and allow users discuss online political issues and news. News websites provide the latest local or international news and may contain political news, showbiz news, weather news, food news, fashion news.


Social networks, entertainment portals

The purpose of social network sites is allowing people make friendship, share interests, photos, articles, and everything they want via chatting or messages boards. Most popular examples of social networking websites include Facebook and Twitter. Entertainment websites contain information such as entertainment news, online games, quizzes, music, lyrics, etc.


Developing a website is not an easy task. But when your very own website is finally up and running, it makes you feel so proud. When deciding which website type best fits your goal, remember that there are other types of websites each specializing in a particular use and your own website can be a unique combination of different things and features!