Linux To The Rescue

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For the most demanding professional computing tasks Linux is now well established,but few people use Linux on their desktop PC. Linux has come to be recognized as the best system,but is apparently still is not the system of choice. Most computers still run Microsoft Windows (TM),and although […]

User Detection

user detection

We will study an example that will cover browser detection and other user related information via JavaScript. A limited information on this is already available in one of my earlier articles,but this one will go further.

JavaScript –An Introduction


Come and see what JavaScript is all about,what it has to offer to you and what do you need to write JavaScripts. Starting with the basics of JavaScript till becoming a master at it –you have a long way to go.

The History Object

browser history

Manipulate the browser’s history by using the History object available in JavaScript. You can move forward and backwards and check the number of the previously visited URLs.

Delphi TCollection: How to implement

delphi tcollection

This article starts new series that is dedicated to some useful VCL classes. Now let’look at TCollection class. TCollection is a container for TCollectionItem objects. The VCL controls (such as TDBGrid,TListView,TStatusBar,etc) widely use objects derived from TCollection.