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Everything you would like to know about WEBSITES. How to build websites, how websites work, how to get your own website and more about website developing!


WWP is here on the great mission

Wiki Web Pedia is here on the mission to spread the love for website creation. It is sent by website developing gurus to pursue the sinners who still do not have a website and inspire newcomers to start own website. WWP is an all-in-one resource covering interesting and positive content for those already involved or just thinking about stepping into the world of web development.

How to get your own website?

WWP can’t let you go wondering

Wiki Web Pedia is dedicated to guide you through the basics of the website building and explain all about websites. You will stay in the now and know-how of Website Programming, Web Design, SEO, Website Copywriting, Website Management, and everything in and around Website Developing!

How to develop website

Wiki Web Pedia aims to expand your website development interests and capabilities. It is a compilation of web development and website programming basics and principles. WWP serves as a comprehensive and positive introduction to HTML, CSS, Java, and everything in and between PHP Programming.

How to design website

WWP outlines the fundamental basics of website design. The catalogue covers social media design, website templates and layouts, web interface design, logo design, infographics design, and more web design ideas and online resources. Wiki Web Pedia talks about the worth of the website redesign, SEO design and gives ideas on how to design eye-catching and functional websites of all kinds.

How to optimize website

At WWP pages, you will stay in the now and know-how of website optimization. You will learn the basics of optimizing websites for search engines including SEO keywords, SEO copywriting, SEO website design, and many other on-page and off-page website optimization tips and web content development focused on making your website the top-runner.

And more about website developing!

WWP aims to share articles, tips, news, tutorials, and resources on website developing and collect other related content of use and interest. If you want to have a better understanding of why make your own website, how to build a website and how websites work, Wiki Web Pedia is your best friend to walk with through the top routes of website developing.

Don’t have a website yet? WWP is watching YOU. Remember.