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For the most demanding professional computing tasks Linux is now well established, but few people use Linux on their desktop PC. Linux has come to be recognized as the best system, but is apparently still is not the system of choice. Most computers still run Microsoft Windows (TM), and although their users are often not pleased with what that gives them, they stick with with what they know if they possibly can. Only when there is no alternative will people accept that they need something better and then it is Linux to the rescue. Linux can be very small, a whole system can fit on a single floppy disk, allowing computers which do their job without the cost of a hard disk or CD drive. Linux can be very big, it is not restricted to the processors used in standard PCs, but also runs on much larger machines. Some of the most powerful computers in the world are in fact made by using Linux to allow hundreds of cheap PCs to run together, giving a combined power equivalent to a very powerful computer, but for a fraction of the price. Linux is in a word flexible. If it is not what you want it can be made into what you want. Linux has no clear line between a power user and a programmer. Those who make the effort to work with it find they naturally become more capable and see their productivity increase and their frustrations reduced. In this topic area I want to explain the areas of computing few people see, the high power clusters, and the servers which make the Internet. I will explain what Linux is, where it comes from and where is going. I also want to introduce Linux to people who do not have to use Linux, but could use it. People who would benefit from making the change, but question the effort. I want to show you what the difference would be if you moved to Linux and I want to give you the possibility to identify things which you may decide to try with Linux. Allowing you to move over slowly. That is the way that I moved to Linux myself. First I had only Windows on my PC and added just enough Linux to try. Later I had mainly Linux but Windows for one or two things. Now I have only Linux. Many people are dissatisfied, but say they have no time to change. That is a hopeless situation to be in; just running to stand still. I bring you hope and will tempt you to make that time, because I know the rewards it brings.