website-planningWant to get a website, but do not know where to start? WikiWebPedia provides basic website planning tips and tells what to do when you do not know what to do. Below, you will learn how to plan and develop your own website.

Find out what to do when you do not know what to do

Website developing is not an easy task, so creating a website development plan is the best path to go. Although website planning is time-consuming, it is a really vital part of the website development process.

For successful website creation, you should firstly get the clear scope and define your target audience. Then, based on the scope and audience you have to brainstorm your website type and overall style. Below, find out the main paths you have to go to develop and design a website with beauty and brains.

Know what you want is you will know what you need


How To Plan A Website

Website type and target audience

To make a website, you have to determine which website type best suits your scope. There are different website types built for many purposes and uses. So, decide whether it will be a personal website, e-commerce website, informative website, or other. By defining your website type, it will be easier for you to figure out your target audience expectations as well decide on website design and content.

Unique and attractive website design

Choosing the style and features of website design is one more very important aspect of website planning and developing. When picking ideas for your future website design, keep in mind that it should be unique and attractive for the target audience. For instance, if you plan to start an online shop, you will have to add a shopping cart, product rating system, attractive menus, user-friendly navigation, photo galleries/image slideshows, etc.

Website design and developing budget

If you plan to make professional website, think of your available resources and money you are ready to invest in your website design and development. Thus, if you plan to develop a website for profit you will have to invest in different website services such as website design, website programming, SEO/SEM, and more off-site and on-site services. The cost of the website development typically depends on the project size and complexity.


Web Designers and Web Developers

If you are serious about making your own website, you want to get a well-developed website. So, finding the right web designer and web programmer team is a sure way to website success. Bringing in the professionals helps to gain more visitors to the site, rank web pages higher in search engines and bring real profits. Website designers and programmers can make or break websites through their job. Before you start a website, discover how websites work, know who is who in website developing process and what is what in website building. Understanding of what makes a website and what web development is all about will definitely help you on the way to a better website.

funny_thinking_BABY_ujgox_Pak101(dot)comWebsite planning is a big deal that definitely worth your time and efforts. Good planning makes it easier for you to get informed decisions on website development and design issues. We hope you will not get so confused as this sweet little thinker 🙂 Remember – hard work never fails, and you will soon have your new website up and running!