Ever wondered how websites work and who makes websites? Who is responsible for website design and functioning on the Web? Website Developing is a complex industry with many people and many specializations involved. Well, here we go.

Who makes websites?

Website Developing In Persons

WWP takes a closer look at the very basic website terminology and website vocabulary. Let’s see who is who in website development industry. Beginners in web development are welcome to go through common website definitions to understand who stands behind website building and improve your web design and development dialog by using proper website vocabulary.

So many people design and develop websites. Ready to start sketchnoting?

Who Makes Websites

Website Design and Development Companies

Website Design and Development Companies offer professional website design, development and programming services. The web development company is often a small and medium sized organization that can consist of tens of people including web designers, web developers, website content writers, SEO specialists, and more specializations and positions involved in website building process. Today, there are hundreds of web design and development companies, web development firms and web design agencies; and all they provide a variety of website development services for clients around the world. With so many web development services around, the most important thing is to make the right choice of the Website Design and Development Company.

Web Hosting Companies

Web Hosting Companies (web hosts, web hosting) provide a website with its own webspace and make it publicly accessible online. A website hosting provider stores your site on their server, giving it a unique address (DNS). There are free web hosts and paid web hosting services. The choice of the web hosting company depends on your website goals and budget. Some web hosting companies also provide website maintenance service that is an ongoing, complex control of the website functionality. With professional technical support, your website will continue to grow to its goals. Website maintenance services help to increase website traffic, organize site files, fix technical errors, and enhance website search engine optimization.

Website Developers, Web Programmers

Web Programmer or Web Developer is a person who makes the website function on the Web by converting the website design to the valid, clean code. Website Developers and Web Programmers are in charge of the website technical operation and different non-design aspects of the website building and performance, like writing mark-up and coding the website. Professional website developers and web programmers deal with different web programming languages and technologies like HTML/XHTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, etc. Depending on the size of the web development team or company, a particular web developer can specialize in one or more website development aspects and may be responsible for developing front-end, databases, shopping carts, Flash. The programming of complicated and large websites requires collaborative efforts of professional web programmers and web developers.

Website Designers

Web Designers are in charge of website design. Web designers develop and design the website layout, colors, fonts, and all the visual stuff that should attract the user. Website designers specialize in developing the look and feel of the future website, including website header, sidebars, menus, illustration, and other content fields. To create website design elements, professional web designers use specialized image editing software and when things are done they transfer the files to web programmers who will code the design to the real website. Web design encompasses different website creation areas, including web graphic design, interface design, layout design, template design, website logo design, website re-design, and more disciplines in website design.

Website Copywriters, Web Content Developers

Website Copywriters are web content developers providing content for websites. Website copywriters (or web writers, content editors) work in various fields of web content development, including SEO content writing, article writing, promotional/advertising/sales writing, ghostwriting, slogan creation, blogging, etc. Website content developers create texts and articles for all types of websites and online businesses. SEO content writers (SEO copywriters) specialize in providing keyword-rich content for websites. They create texts that appeal to the website target audience and contain certain keywords for better search engine indexing.

Website Optimization, SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) covers a set of techniques meant to promote the website and get the web pages shown up in the results of search engines by choosing words/phrases that best relate to the website topic. IT specialists who provide SEO services, review the website content and do keyword research. They use a variety of SEO tactics to increase the webpage prominence, such as link exchange, keyword optimization, website meta tags, website submission to relevant directories, etc. Without good on-site and off-site SEO, internet users and potential clients might not even know that your website or business exists.


Webmaster is always a website author, web developer and website administrator who maintains one or many websites. The webmaster manages most or all technical and non-technical areas of the website, as well as user comments, site traffic, content placement, server configuration, etc. Professional webmasters typically know and deal with HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and other web design, web content and web programming fields.


Now you know who’s who in Website Development and WHO MAKES WEBSITES. Websites can be built by one person or a team of people with different skills and backgrounds. This is just a very basic overview of website terminology and website vocabulary. Stay in touch for new definitions and terms in website building and website developing!