mysql database

The database is what large volume websites and business sites need as air. A database is like a file storage cabinet for website files. The reliable database allows monitoring business processes, gather data and store all website information.

mysql_databaseMySQL database is the most popular open source database for use in modern web applications and database-driven sites. MySQL database (often pronounced as “sequel”) runs as a server and provides access to a number of databases.

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia and other world’s most visited websites use MySQL database.

What Is Database

Database is an organized collection of data. Good database allows keeping website data consistency and manipulating large amounts of the website content. The database choice depends on the type and amount of website data to be stored and processed. The website database content is usually managed by using CMS (Content Management System). Large content sites containing user information, customer data, products, transactions, and more important info need a very powerful relational database like MySQL.

What Is MySQL

Developer: Oracle Initial release: 1995 Written in: C, C++ Operating system: Cross-platform License: GNU General Public License Website:

MySQL is a popular free database used in modern website developing. This open source database is used on Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and other modern web applications. MySQL functions on many different system platforms, including Linux, Mac, Windows. As a relational database, MySQL is built using a special computer language, structured query language (SQL) and uses tables to store information.

MySQL is a client/server system. Since MySQL is customizable, so webmasters can easily add specific requirements and configure MySQL server specifically for a particular website. MySQL can be executed under popular operating systems like Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, Unix. MySQL offers complete security for the data. The database backup utilities allow for complete recovery. MySQL comes with SSH and SSL support to ensure that only authorized users can access to the database server.

Reliable, safe and easy to use, MySQL database application suits the most needs of modern transaction processing systems (TPS) and large volume websites.