Website developing and website designing go hand in hand. So, Web Design is an integral part of website building. When it comes to website design, knowing web design trends is a must. Discover what modern-day users expect from a modern website!

To succeed online, you have to be mindful of latest trends in website design and development. Web development trends are as important as, say, the trends are important in fashion. In this article, WWP takes a look at modern web design and development trends that become more and more popular.

Web Templates

Website templates are helpful in setting up sites of any kind. Modern web design templates balance professional appearance with technical performance. Website templates make it easier to build a website without having expertise in web design and web development.


Website Layouts

Website layout design is an important part of the website development process. Created by experienced designers web layouts can be customized to meet target audience expectations. As readers often judge the book by its cover, web users judge any website by its “cover” too. Therefore, web layout design is among one of the most demanded trends in web design.

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Web Portals

Social media design covers a big range of websites. Social media sites are often huge web portals where visitors can interact with each other, share information (photo, video, etc), build communities, join discussions, and find other sites related to a specific interest. Social media development is in a great demand among internet entrepreneurs who look for new opportunities to expand business online.



Web design trend for graphic representations of information grows very fast. Infographics or information graphics are an illustrated way to show information or knowledge in the clear way. Creative and colorful info graphics add lots of advantages and professionalism to website design and make boring website content more attractive.


SEO Web Design

SEO Web Design is one of the latest web design trends. Search Engine Optimization SEO web design includes creation of unique template, content architecture, website navigation, website images design, and other technical and creative web design approaches. Web design and SEO go hand in hand and stay on top of latest trends in web development and website design.


Website Logo Development

The development of logo design, branding, and corporate identities are the hottest trend in graphic web design. Since logos are responsible for business and company recognition, they should be designed close to perfection. Today, both business owners and individual webmasters look for professional custom logo design services and experienced logo designers who offer winning concepts and logo designs.

Keeping your finger on the pulse of what is hot and what is not in modern website developing, web programming and website designing is one of the sure paths to building a website that works and looks its best!