HTML Lesson
You don’t have to be a web designer or fluent in HTML to make some basic changes to your blog. Did you know that each color is assigned a code so browsers can determine what color to display for backgrounds, texts and more? Were you aware that you can change your Blogspot settings so that when your readers click on a link you’ve anchored into an article, they aren’t redirected away from your blog just to go visit another site? Did you even know that you can help your mobile readers have better access to your blog when using their phone? All of this can be accomplished by a few basic HTML adjustments.

Changing Color

Complete HTML color charts can be found on various websites so all you need to do is pick out a color and place the code in the appropriate location. First, you need to find your blog’s HTML so you can edit it. On blogspot blogs you simply log in and go to the Design page then Edit HTML. You can scroll down and see lots of noted color codes that look similar to this.
description="Bottom Sidebar Link Color"
type="color" default="#99ddbb" value="#6c8076"
Color #99ddbb is similar to a mint green and can be viewed by Color-hex, a site where you can enter color codes and view sample texts, borders and more with the color of choice before you add it to your site. If you wanted to change your bottom sidebar link color to a bolder shade of green, maybe changing the color code to #1b7d1f to darken it up. By using the Color-hex site you can pick from a wide range of colors. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could actually change the color of our walls, furniture or hair with a couple of clicks of a mouse and no physical labor involved?

Make Your Blog More Accessible for Mobile Readers

Thanks to Blogger Tricks, many bloggers have added a simple code that enhances a mobile reader’s experience, often making the appearance of the blog better and speed in which it loads faster. Sign into blogger, go to the Design page and click Edit HTML. According to Blogger Tricks who credits a blogger forum for this advice, you simply copy and paste a code into your HTML. Once you’ve added this code listed on their website, your mobile readers should have a better experience reading your blog.

Change How Links Open on Blogger

Wouldn’t it be nice to keep your readers on your page while they check out the links you have anchored into your posts? You can easily change this and have the visiting links open up in a new window instead by inserting a simple code. Sign into your blog, go to the Design page and click on Edit HTML. According to Blogger Sentral, there are a couple of ways to order up a new window for your links. One will open a new window each time you click a link, leaving you with multiple windows and the other way will open one new window so you are reusing this window for each link. Check out the details at Blogger Sentral. There are lots of ways to change your blog by editing the HTML. Making subtle and simple changes one at a time can be less overwhelming than you may have previously thought. So go ahead,be brave andmake some changes.