JavaScript makes building and maintaining a website fun and interactive. Many webmasters are constantly looking for new and updated codes to add in order to attract and keep visitors coming back for more. JavaScripts are generally easy enough to insert into web pages, especially if a webmaster has worked with them before, but finding fresh JavaScript content can be daunting. Here are a few places that offer more codes and more choices in the search for better content.

JavaScript Source

JavaScript Source is a great site to find an endless array of scripts. The site is very detailed and has one of the largest data bases of scripts on the net. There are sections for individuals, developers, and even small business owners. This site can help a webmaster add a contact form to a website, or even create a fully interactive website for gaming fans. These scripts can be as simple as cut and paste to a website, or they can require a IT degree to use. If a webmaster would like to have lots of movement and graphics on a site, these JavaScripts are the way to go.

Another great site is While they may not have the largest library of JavaScripts on the net, they are constantly adding new ones. Most of there scripts are completely free, which can be great for the web designer on a budget. This site is certified by Sun Developers, one of the most trusted companies on the web today. They offer many tools to help webmasters get an animated site up and going. They also rate each script with a star scoring system. This allows the public to see what other people think of the JavaScripts available. They offer many different ways to search through the scripts as well. This is truly user friendly site.

The Free Graphics Store

The Free Graphics Store offers a database to search through many sites on the web. When a webmaster is in search of that one special JavaScript application, this can be the site to find it on. They also offer a wealth of information for the inexperienced web developer. If a webmaster owns a small business and is trying to get a business website off the ground, this site can show many ways to get the look needed for the website. They offer areas for JavaScripts, as well as graphics and informative frequently asked questions pages. The resources pages can offer a wealth of information about building or developing a fabulous website. There are literally thousands of JavaScript sites on the Internet. Some offer tools to help webmasters get started. Others have complex lists of the different scripts available. And, many JavaScripts are available for free. Some sites will charge for access. Before paying any fee, search the free lists for a similar application first. It is quite surprising as to what can be found for free. When a webmaster needs to get something up and running quickly, JavaScripts are just the way to go.