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Beijing Red Flag Software Company released free and open source Red Flag Linux Desktop 6.0 SP3 on April 19, 2010, according to the company’s web site. The web site now provides a simplified version and a full version for free download.

The Beijing Red Flag says that the new Linux application has made significant improvement from the Linux 6.0 SP2 version, and provides many new features that will help users improve the performance in the fields of electronic government affair, education, SMB, and OEM.

Red Flag Linux 6.0 was released on September 29, 2009. It’s based on Linux kernel and includes KDE 3.5.7 and X.Org 7.2. The new Red Flag Linux 6.0 SP3 upgrades the Linux kernel to 2.6.31, according to the Beijing Red Flag.

Free Open Source Linux to increase Information Security

Beijing Red Flag was created by the Institute of Software Research at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and financed by government-owned investment companies. The government hopes that the open source operating system can help the country increases the information security and avoids to be control by international software giants like Microsoft.

A Beijing Red Flag executive reiterated the importance of information security when the new Linux 6.0 SP3 released. “Domestic software should become the backbone of national information security. The monopoly of international software giants is a sword of Damocles to the national information security,” said Beijing Red Flag General Manager Hu Cai Yong last Friday in his blog, two days before the new Linux version released.

Mr. Hu said that the Chinese open source software companies have created a fully-featured system that includes free and open source operating software, office applications, and database software. “But I think the domestic software companies should work closer with hardware producers to break the monopoly of Microsoft and Intel, and ensure better information security,” added Hu in his blog article.

Linux Kernel, Linux Firewall, Openoffice, Linux Support, Install and Setup

According to the Beijing Red Flag, the new Linux Desktop 6.0 SP3 upgrade the Linux kernel from to, which supports 64G memory. The new version also integrates the function of OpenOffice and upgrade the version of Firefox browser to 6.0.

Linux Desktop 6.0 SP3 upgrades the ALSA driver to 1.0.22 and integrates the drivers of NVIDIA, ATI, and many types of printers and scanners. It also provide a Linux firewall to ensure information security. Other new functional modules and features can be found in a PDF document file available for download from the web site – currently there is only a Chinese language document.

Beijing Red Flag says the installation and setup of the new Linux application are easy and simple. The company also provide Linux supports for enterprises and personal users.

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